About Rockland Web Design

Rockland Web Design professionals collectively have over 35 years of experience in the technology industry. From graphic design, to content management, to social media, to mobile apps, hosting, custom programming and much more, we can help you create a website that will attract more customers, gain more sales, and help you run your business more effectively.

Our company is 100% grassroots. Similar to Microsoft and Apple, it was started in a home in November 2007 with a small budget ($300 to be exact). However, unlike Microsoft or Apple were all can still work from home when we choose! (However - we utilize professional office spaces in Pomona and Nanuet NY for meetings with clients, or visit their facilities onsite) In running our business this way, it gives us a huge advantage in our industry - we pass along to our customers significantly lower project costs

Though our tight communications, highly refined design process, and simple everyday technology such as email, Skype, Google Voice and much more, our teams (typically 3-5 members per project) are able to work with you from the comfort of their own professional home offices. (As mentioned above, in-person consultations available at our location or yours) We also periodically perform training in the form of videos, support forums and seminars/webinars across the Hudson Valley NY.

Our portfolio consists of many small businesses in the New York Tri State Area. From eCommerce sites, to News Portals, to Member and Not-for-Profit organizations, we are very comfortable handling a variety of projects. Please take some time to view our portfolio here.

Something that is very important to us is pricing a project within a client's budget. Now, you're going to be skeptical about this, of course; but I urge you to test out following statement we profess here: We do not believe in selling anything to anyone that isn't ready for it, doesn't need it, or cant afford it. As such, we offer highly competitive pricing on just about all of our services. For example, if you are a starter business on a budget, we can create a starter website for you, for just $39.95 per month and $199 setup fee.

If you're looking for totally custom graphic design, our team of graphic designers can meet with you one-on-one to learn the exact design you envision. On the reverse side of the spectrum, if you are a brand new, non-incorporated business that is on a bare bones budget, we offer a free website package to get your started. (Yes, you read that correctly, free.) And if you're somewhere in the middle, we also offer upgraded, pre-created designs that offer an enhanced look to your site, but don't break the bank.

Anyway, you're just about done reading this, so we urge you to learn more about how we can help you. Take a look at our portfolio and testimonials, read through some of our resources, and even check around about what others think of us. Like most companies, we are not perfect but we work unbelievably hard to make sure our clients are satisfied. At the writing of this page, we are proud to serve over 250 businesses in the tri-state area, and counting! You can to be one of them, so give us a call or contact us when you are ready. Thanks for reading through this. We hope to hear from you soon! =)