Events and Workshops

Not only does Rockland Web Design build you some great technology to grow your business online, but we also provide ongoing training, so that you can continue to thrive!

You've probably dealt with this before - you hire someone to develop something for you, and the moment they've finished the work: see ya...bye bye. It is frustrating to feel like you have no support.

At Rockland Web Design, we do things differently.

Tom Ossa, owner and operator of Rockland Web Design, has been an Adult Education Instructor at Rockland BOCES for 15 years, teaching courses in Quickbooks, Microsoft Word, Social Media, Web Design, and even small techie courses such as using Raspberry Pi, Google Drive, and much more. Here's an example:

So when a project is finished, we follow up with training! And then after the training, you can always contact us for more assistance.

On top of that, we provide workshops in Rockland County, NY - specifically Nanuet, NY and Haverstraw, NY to show our clients and raving fans how to better manage their web presenses.

If you would like to attend an upcoming workshop, please visit our Facebook Events page.