Our Team

Since 2007, Rockland Web Design has grown together as a team of professionals that can handle many varieties of web design projects. We pride ourselves on our mobility – we are able to work from our office, the client’s location, or even from our homes. Wherever we are, we stay in tight communication with each other throughout the workday via Skype, texts, phone (and the occasional lighthearted practical joke). Please take a moment to learn more about us.

(Team is listed in alphabetical order. Sorry, title doesn’t dictate status in this company =)

Please keep scrolling down to learn more about our team, or give us a call at (845) 877-7333 to meet in person!


Heather Alwine – Social Media Specialist

We’re still waiting on Heather’s bio. We have been waiting for it since 2009. We've kind of given up on this. But one day...if she does get it to us, we’re probably going to buy her a car. Hear that Heather? Submit the bio, get a car! Anyway, Heather specializes in social media management, domain and hosting setup and configuration, and is a wizard on the phone. Don’t mess with her – she’s a Mom and she’s a computer whiz!

At Rockland Web Design, she specializes in:

Update: Heather told me that she is too busy to waste time on useless crap like writing a biography.


Tsvetan Dimitrov – Chief Web Developer

Tsvetan Dimitrov

Born in 1985 in Varna, Bulgaria. Attended "First Language School” in Varna, majoring in German in the period 1999-2004. In late 2004 continued his education in the USA, majoring in Computer Science at Ramapo College of New Jersey and received his Bachelor degree in May 2008.

During his education Tsvetan performed an internship at Deluge Interactive (a division of Delaney Computer Services) as a web developer and programmer, also doing partial work as a Computer Technician and Network Administrator. Short before his graduation Tsvetan established an ongoing business relationship with Tom Ossa of Rockland Web Design, and soon become one of the main web developers on the RWD team.

Deluge Interactive and Rockland Web Design continue to utilize Tsvetans services on a project / consultancy basis. He is currently working with both companies and also engages in local projects as an independent developer.


Tsvetan is the Chief Architect of webManager, a Content Management System designed to be mobile ready, user friendly and eCommerce capable.

Tom Ossa – Web Strategist and President, Rockland Web Design

Tom Ossa – Web Strategist and President, Rockland Web Design

Like most geeks and nerds, my love for computers and video games began at an early age. It started with things like checking out the movie Tron (the original one) when I was about 6 years old. An Atari and a game of Combat was a staple of my youth, and a few years later Mom got me a TRS-80 Color Computer, where I started learning to program in BASIC.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. My Grandfather had a bike shop in North Rockland that I used to go to every day after school. He would pay me $1 per bike that I repaired for him. It was a bargain for him even though he had to often pull me away from playing Nintendo in between repairs. But little by little, the work ethic got in there.

After high school I went to college and helped out more at the bike store as my Grandfather started to take a step back from the business. For five years I ran the shop with my wonderful Mom, and helped to develop a community of avid BMX and mountain bike riders. It was there that I built my first website, for the bike store (sometime around 1996 or 1997).

A few years later I realized that I wanted to do something else with my life, and decided to go back to finish my college degree. One day while driving on Route 202 I came up with a pretty cool idea to build a website that allows students to buy and sell books with each other, instead of going to the bookstore to pay more. It was launched and quite popular in about 5 colleges in the region, and did quite well until eBay was able to do it a whole lot better. No worries, you can’t win ’em all. =)

I continued to build websites for a few businesses in Rockland, Bergen and Westchester County. Eventually, I realized that the shoemaker needed his own shoes, and soon thereafter www.rocklandwebdesign.com was born. For the first few years it was just me doing all the work, in between studying for my bachelor’s degree and still working over at the family bike store part time.

During this time I was also fortunate to work as an instructor at a local technical school, Rockland BOCES. There, I taught computer software such as Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and Internet basics to students looking to upgrade their workforce skills.

I graduated from Ramapo College in June of 2006 and started working for a local IT and Web Design company. About a year later, I decided to leave and build up my own company, Rockland Web Design. Part of what we do for our customers is rooted in something I very passionately believe in: to help people with limited resources to develop their own valuable web-based business, at an affordable price.

Some of the different technologies I have focused on are:

So, throughout my career thus far, I have always worked hard to place the needs of my clients and those I work with before my own. It is my wish that I can do the same for you and your business.

Our motto is one that we hope resonates with you: "We bring the world to your business.”