The RWD Vision

Rockland Web Design’s Vision / Philosophy / Mission


You always see all these pages on corporate websites that talk about company mission, vision, philosophy. We figured that you don’t want to look at three separate pages, so we combined them all here. Let’s go!


Our Mission – in one concise sentence:

Our mission is to provide beautiful, interactive, and easy-to use web-based technologies, consulting and training services for our clients which will help them to grow and succeed in each of their respective industries.


On to our Vision.

In a nutshell, we really want to help people. Not just companies with big budgets (of course that never hurts), but also the startup entrepreneur with a dream. To us it is more realistic to build our core services based on these honest, hard-working folks who are risking it all to pursue a better life for themselves, their families and their colleagues. It is more real because we have been there, and we know the many travails of building a business from scratch. It is a difficult but worthwhile journey that gets a little easier if one has the right allies.

So, a lot of our services are built on the premise that a decent number of these entrepreneurs are not coming to us with a huge amount of capital to spend, and limited time to get up and running. From web design, to copy writing, to search engine optimization and marketing and social media, to hosting, we price our services based on the time needed to get the job done, at a rate that is not prohibitive to most. 

As indicated above, we firmly believe in both simplicity and automation, wherever possible. This means that as a company grows and gains complexity, it becomes increasingly necessary to streamline operations so that it is understandable all the way from CEO to Colleague to Customer.

Hopefully by now you get the idea – we’re here to help, but not to hijack your wallet and run for the hills.


And finally, let’s talk about our Philosophy:

We want our company to one day be the market leader in web design and development for startup and small businesses. As the Internet and IT services industry is constantly evolving, we aspire to develop a practice of constant reinvention of our services, so that they never stagnate or become obsolete. We look to create a culture of mutual respect for both our customers and colleagues, so that ideas flow easily, and the work we produce is enjoyable.

We don’t deserve to earn a penny, unless we do continually do something useful for our clients.

Ultimately, we want to make web tools that are really cool, easy to use, and affordable to the public.